I leave on the grand endeavor of killing myself through primal rage and digital painting. It will be a test not only of skill but of martial prowess. This task will be known as WILDER and the masses will be pleased with this feast.


Chuck Lukacs Character Challenges

Here are some challenges that my Sith Lord, Chuck Luckas (king of kings) has us doing in his character design class. Nothing fancy just some good ol idea bashing. 

The challenge was to age a famous person. So I turned the legendary Crash Bandicoot into an old pathetic fuck, guess the alcoholism got the best of him. 

The challenge was to illustrate a man smiling and shooting a gun. I have literally been that guy on many occasion back in the army days, so it goes without saying, it was a scene from the heart. #nothearmydoesntletyouwritekillonyourhead.....................anymore

This challenge was to find a object in your house that resembled a something and to illustrate that something. That something was a light switch frog man, and before you judge me for not having face plates on my light switches like some kind of breaking bad meth fiend, I promise there was good reason. I was repainting the super sweet mustard colored plates to something less mustardy...................................Also when I was high on meth they would really freak me out.