Hailing from the land of the water riders (Venice, California), Sean Briggs decided to migrate to the mysterious tree cities of the Pacific Northwest in attempts to escape the encroaching urban raiders that plagued and harassed his once peaceful village. Upon coming of age, Sean eagerly joined the warrior clans of the great Merica tribe to prove his worth as a warrior. Sean was fascinated with marking things with colored grease and sharp sticks of burnt wood as a child.  During his travels as a young warrior, Sean discovered that the marks he was fascinated with creating could be painted on the skin of his fellow warriors and worn into battle. However, as time went on, Sean became dissatisfied with just marking his comrades with images. Sean knew it was his destiny to create worlds and people which had never been seen before. After 4.5 years of tribal warfare and many travels to far and exotic lands as an elite tracker and hunter of his clan, Sean decided to return back to his forest home. Upon returning, Sean encountered many dangerous enemies, gathering a pack of “fur babies” along the way to protect him during the night. Sean and his new pack eventually formed a base on the outskirts of the largest forest city, Portland OR. Sean Briggs now spends his time creating fascinating worlds and characters and going on expeditions into the wilderness with his ever-growing pack.  

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